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2013 — Week 34

Although conditions were a lot tougher it has been a great fishing week with a total of 6 Trophies being caught. We would like to welcome the following fishermen to our Lake Trout Trophy Club: Marino Clerici (104 cm), Julius Prueger (108 cm) and Alex Klosterhalfen (103 cm). Julius and Alex were also successful with big Pike, they landed 3 Trophies (Julius 112 cm, Alex 105 cm and 112 cm). Very notable: Alex is only 11 years old and he caught 3 Trophy fish! Julius and Alex are now hunting a Grayling Trophy to become a member of the most exclusive Club at Dalton Trail Lodge – the Grand Slam Club. This means to catch 3 Trophies of 3 different species during the stay with us. So far only 2 guests have achieved this goal. We wish them good luck, there is a good chance to succeed.

Marino with his Trophy Lake TroutAlex and his huge Pike of 112 cmJulius with one of his Trophies

Needless to say that Lake Trout fishing has been excellent although we had some days when it was tough to catch big fish. Well, they can’t be active all the time!

Pike fishing was pretty good and besides the Trophies our guests caught nice fish up to 100 cm.

Fishing for Grayling was world class, we had several novices to fly fishing and everybody had a blast catching many fish on dry flies. The rivers are in perfect condition and the Grayling very active.

Fishing for Rainbow Trout was excellent as well and our guests enjoyed catching these hard fighting fish. We have spotted the first Lake Trout in the rivers, which is quite early for this time of the year. It seems that things are earlier this year: the Salmon runs, the Lake Trout. Hard to explain as the fish are driven by temperatures and we had a very warm summer…??? Maybe it is a good thing that we can’t know and explain everything.

After the great weather the last weeks we got punished with stormy weather. Temperatures were generally cold and we had mostly strong winds. But not every Lake was the same, strange enough one Lake was calm and the other one was stormy. All in all tough weather but great fishing!