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2013 — Week 33

As predicted in the last week’s news we are able to report a lot more action from this week. It seems that it was the week of the big Lake Trout because our guests caught a total of 8 Trophies! We would like to welcome the following fishermen to our Trophy Club: Matthias Dutschke (102 cm), Dan Conway (101 cm, 101 cm, 107 cm), Gene Cowan (104 cm), Harry Hoyer (102 cm), Hugo Couton (100 cm), Frederic Couton (101 cm). Dan was the most successful fishermen with 3 Trophies and he also had the biggest fish measuring 107 cm with an estimated weight of 45 lbs.

Dan with his massive Lake TroutDominique and his Trophy PikeMatthias with his Trophy Lake Trout

Truly, Lake Trout fishing was world class and besides the Trophies we landed at least seven fish between 95 and 98 cm. This is pretty outstanding even for our standards.

Dominique Bagur caught a huge Pike of 110 cm and therefore also becomes a member to our Pike Trophy Club. Congratulations to everybody and well done! In general Pike fishing wasn’t that great. There were short moments were they seemed to be active but most of the times they were just lying on the bottom. We believe that the hot weather and the strong sun were the cause of the inactivity.

Obviously it didn’t bother the Lake Trout as they are a lot deeper than the Pike.

The Grayling fishing was fantastic and most of our rivers are dropping and are getting in mint condition. Although it is hard to believe that the fishing is going to be much better than now. We had great action on dry flies throughout the whole week.

Fishing for Rainbow Trout was also great with many fish bigger than 40 cm.

The week started with unusually hot temperatures for this time of the year. During the first five days the thermometer peaked at 29° Celsius and there was hardly any wind at all. On the last two days we had clouds moving in and it got colder with strong winds from the south. Overall you couldn’t ask for a better fishing week!