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Dalton Trail Lodge is located on the shores of Dezadeash Lake, bordering Kluane National Park. The lake is 16 kilometers long and up to 8 km wide. With your favored technique (fly fishing, spin casting or trolling) you can catch Lake Trout, Pike, Arctic Grayling, Whitefish and Burbot. The outlet of the lake (Sixmile/Dezadeash River) and the many creek inlets offer the river- and fly-fisherman non-stop action. There are well maintained 16 foot Aluminium boats with 15 HP 4-stroke engines at your disposal.

Thanks to the fantastic location of our lodge you have the chance to fish more than 20 different waters. Besides the species already mentioned you can catch Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Kokanee, Inconnu and Salmon. A few rivers and lakes you can fish on your own whenever you feel like it. For other areas there are experienced guides to help and advise you. We would like to suggest that you budget in a couple of extra days with guide to experience the full flavor of the Yukon.

We especially would like to recommend an overnight trip to one of our outpost cabins at Frederick, Aishihik or Moraine Lakes. We access these remote destinations with jetboat, ATVs, 4x4 trucks or we fly in. Far away from any form of civilization you can wet your line in rarely fished waters. Your sleeping quarters are in an idyllically situated rustic wood cabin. Although in the wilds your taste buds will not be forgotten. Your guide prepares a nice steak dinner and a hearty breakfast the next morning. Of course these excursions give an excellent opportunity for wildlife viewing.

Fish Species in Kluane Country


Max. Size

Ave. Size


Best Time


Lake Trout

117 cm

70 cm

May 20 - Oct. 10

May 20 - Oct. 10

big lures and streamer


129 cm

80 cm

May 20 - Oct. 10

May 20 - Oct. 10

big lures and streamer

Arctic Grayling

56 cm

36 cm

May 20 - Oct. 10

May 20 - Oct. 10

flies, small lures and spinner

Rainbow Trout

64 cm

36 cm

May 20 - Oct. 10

May 20 - Oct. 10

flies, small lures and spinner


51 cm

41 cm

June - Sept.

until mid July

flies, small lures and spinner

Dolly Varden

51 cm

36 cm

May 20 - Oct. 10

June - September

flies, small lures and spinner

King Salmon

over 70 lbs.

25 lbs.

June - July

June - July

salmon eggs, lures, spinner, salmon flies

Sockeye Salmon

over 12 lbs.

7 lbs

June 25 - Sept 30

July - September

salmon eggs, lures, spinner, salmon flies

Coho Salmon

over 20lbs.

9 lbs

Aug. 25 - Oct. 10


salmon eggs, lures, spinner, salmon flies

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Our Fishing Packages

Packages include transfer from Whitehorse to the lodge and back to Whitehorse, all your meals and accommodation (single or double room with private bathroom), motorboat and gas, one day with guide, all rentals from the lodge (including ATVs, canoes, mountain bikes, fishing and camping gear) and all taxes. We also offer an “all inclusive package” or you can book an Action package that includes 5 guided excursions.

Here are a few examples of the waters you can access while staying at Dalton Trail Lodge:

Dezadeash Lake is a warm and shallow lake, rich in plant and animal life. Here you can catch lake trout up to 30 pounds, northern pike to 20 pounds, arctic grayling, whitefish and burbot. Our guests pair up for motorboats on the lake. We brief you on safety and lake travel and we'll even tell you about the secret hot spots.

Dezadeash Laketrout

This is a crystal clear blue river offers world class fishing for arctic grayling, rainbow trout, kokanee and lake trout. A jet boat trip takes you to these clean, clear waters that drain from beautiful Kathleen Lake. This is a fly-fisherman's dream. Watch for black bears, moose and bald eagles along the way.

Rainbow KR

A few years ago we were given access to a trapper's hand-built log cabin on the Kluhini River/Frederick Lake. Situated in a protected land area, this cabin can only be reached by ATV, foot, horseback, plane or - in high water only - by jet boat. The Kluhini River features world-class arctic grayling fishing with fish up to 55cm. You can also fish for pike and lake trout and spot for moose, bear, beaver, lynx and mountain sheep.

Pike Frederick

Using a 4x4 truck, we travel up an old mining access road, cross two rivers and after two hours of driving, arrive at beautiful Mush Lake. We have a motor boat stored on the shore. These waters are fished virtually exclusively by us. Both Mush and Bates Lakes are home of trophy sized lake trout. We release all fish over 26 inches. You can test your strength on these lakes, we haven't always won! The river has an excellent poulation of large arctic grayling. And when you aren't fishing, take a look at the beautiful mountain scenery that surrounds these lakes. Your chances of spotting wildlife are excellent. A moose wandered right past our campfire at Mush Lake once!


This is the best water for giant lakers. Last year we caught many fish over 40 pounds, some even over 50. We travel on the big lake with well equipped 140 HP boats and we have a nice log cabin for overnight trips.


This salmon river is only 30 minutes from the lodge. In July we travel by jet boat to the best pools for king salmon. Fly or bait-fishing, your catch is almost guaranteed. If you're tired of the crowds and hoopla of Alaska's salmon rivers, then the Tatshenshini is for you. A wild river, surrounded by even wilder scenery. Your fishing experience is miles away from "civilization". At peak times, our guests can catch over ten salmon per day and catches over 50 pounds are not exceptional. The nearby Takhanne River's ice-clear waters are paradise for the fly fishermen. In fall, Sockeye and Coho salmon ascend the waters.


Four nights


Five nights


Six nights


Seven nights

  • Sept. 23-Sept. 30: $2,950.00 CAD

Other Rates

  • Additional nights $550.00
  • Seven nights all incl. $6,800.00

Travel Planning

There are daily flights to the Yukon with a stop-over in Vancouver, British Columbia, from anywhere in the world. There is also a weekly non-stop flight from Frankfurt to Whitehorse.

Following is a list of important travel information that you may wish to print for future reference. Just click on the link and print the document.