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2013 — Week 32

After six weeks of being fully booked things slowed down a lot during this week. We only had a handful of guests and there is not that much to report. Plus some of the guests were not really into fishing, they were doing hikes and watching wildlife.They enjoyed the breathtaking wilderness the Yukon has to offer and they were also rewarded with sightings of beautiful wildlife such as Moose and Bears.

A nice Rainbow TroutShirley with the last King Salmon of the seasonA cool picture of a Cow Moose with Calf

We did the last trip this season fishing for King Salmon with good success. From now on we will leave them alone as they are ready for spawning. It has been a good run and we had great action fishing for these mighty fish.

The guests who fished for Lake Trout had a good time catching them either on flies or lures. Rainbow Trout fishing has been excellent and our guests landed several nice ones up to 50 cm. This is considered as a big fish because our Rainbows do not grow to huge sizes.

We had two guests who never have fly fished before and after some tuition from the guide they caught a lot of Grayling on dry flies. We don’t think that there are many places in the world where you can be so successful on your first day of fly fishing.

The weather was not that great, although most of the days were sunny. On most of the days we experienced strong winds from the south as there were two major low pressure systems in front of the coast of Alaska. They got the rain and we got the wind. The forecast is looking pretty good for the upcoming week and we will get more guests checking in. So pretty sure we will have more to write in the next week’s news report.