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2013 — Week 31

Our guests experienced another extraordinary fishing week with many big catches and great weather. Lake Trout fishing was again world class and we are pleased to welcome the following fishermen to our Trophy Club: Josef Bollag (105 cm), Paul Lang (101 cm, 102 cm), Bruno Grob (100 cm), Jo Wey (101 cm), Joel Wey (103 cm). Joel also caught a very big Pike of 112 cm and joins the club of Pike Trophies as well. Good job everybody and well done! Notable was that Paul caught one of his Trophies fly fishing – that is quite an achievement handling such a big fish with the fly rod. Besides the Trophy he also caught a 98 cm and a 90 cm Laker with the fly. Like last week we were very successful either with trolling or using flies for Lake Trout.

Jo with his Lake Trout of 101 cmJosef with his Trophy Lake TroutPaul with his fly-caught Trophy

Pike fishing was pretty spotty but we had some great days and slower times as well. Ruud, an avid fly fishermen and regular guest of the lodge, caught many big Pike over 100 cm in one day.

Fishing for Grayling has improved greatly as the water is dropping on most of the rivers. We had great action with either small lures or flies.

Same story was the fishing for Rainbow Trout: Many nice fish up to 50 cm were caught.

It has also been an excellent week for King Salmon, there has been a strong push of big fish. Josef and Umberto both landed several huge fish with the biggest one around 35 lb. As per July 31st, 1069 King Salmon have made their way through the counting facility at the weir. This is a pretty good number and the escapement goal will be reached easily. We did a few fly out trips to very remote Lakes and the fishing was fantastic.

The weather was as great as the fishing. Our guests enjoyed very warm and calm weather almost throughout the whole week. It got so hot that some of the clients decided to have a swim! Only the two last days of the week were windy with overcast skies. Outstanding week with many happy and tanned faces!