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2013 — Week 29

Our guests experienced outstanding fishing - they caught no less than 10 Trophies! Eleven years old Carina Jager caught the first Trophy Grayling of the season but that is not all, she also landed a mighty Pike of 112 cm. The following successful anglers all caught Trophy Lake Trout: Krystof Kawka (104 cm), Roderick O’Sullivan (108 cm), Eric Knodel (103 cm), Franz Wipfli (108 cm), Hildegard Wipfli (101 cm). We would also like to welcome the following guests to our Trophy Pike Club: Joerg Jager (112 cm), Roderick O’Sullivan (111 cm), Eric Knodel (107 cm). Congratulations to everybody and great job!

Franz with his huge Lake Trout

Carina with one of her TrophiesRod and his Trophy Lake Trout of 108 cmEric and Rod had the opportunity to join the Grand Slam Club (3 Trophies during the stay). They needed a Grayling bigger than 48 cm but unfortunately their biggest fish was just 2 cm shy. It sounds like the big fish were almost jumping into the boat but this wasn’t the case. We had to work really hard and invest a lot of time to get these Trophies.

So all in all lower numbers but bigger fish as far as it got to Lake Trout and Pike fishing.

Fishing for Grayling was fantastic. Most of the rivers have dropped and are in perfect conditions. Many of these beautiful fish were caught on dry flies but small spinners and lures worked as well.

Fishing for King Salmon wasn’t as good as last week. We even got skunked one day – the first time as far as we can remember. Numbers have picked up towards the end of the week and so far 214 Chinook have passed the weir. So fishing should pick up the next week.

The weather was really hot and beautiful at the beginning of the week. No wind at all made it a real treat. The downside was that fire activity had increased significantly. We had a fire about 40 km northeast of Haines Junction and we had a lot of smoke. On Thursday morning a rain front arrived and has put the fire out. That rain was a blessing and helped the hard fighting fire crews with their efforts in the whole territory. Thank you guys, we appreciate your hard work! All in all a wonderful week with many happy faces.