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2013 — Week 28

It has been a great fishing week and we are pleased to welcome the following fishermen to our Lake Trout Trophy Club: Seppi Schmidiger (103 cm), Andy Buhler (101 cm) and Diego Olgiati (101 cm). Andreas Stocker landed a Trophy Pike of 110 cm. Congratulations to everybody and good job!

Seppi with his Trophy Lake Trout of 103 cmAndreas with his Trophy PikeAndy with his big Lake Trout of 101 cm

Like last week Lake Trout fishing was great and besides the Trophies our guests caught many nice fish bigger than 90 cm. Several ones just 2 or 3 cm shy of the Trophy mark of 100 cm.

Pike fishing was spotty, we had some great days and then other days when they were lying just on the ground without any activity at all. It probably had something to do with the cold front which has moved in during the week.

Fishing for Grayling was world class everywhere we fished, and as we hosted a lot of fly fishermen, they had a blast with dry flies!

Our guests experienced great fishing for Rainbow Trout as well.

We did quite a few trips to fish for King Salmon. Although the run looks like below average, we always caught fish. Not many fish through the weir yet. Hard to tell, they might be just late or it will be a poor run. Time will tell…

The week started with the same windy conditions as last week. Then we had a beautiful day without wind before the cold front with winds from the North moved in. The last two days of the week were beautiful with no wind and warmer temperatures. The forecast is calling for hot weather again. This won’t help the forest fire situation. So far there have been 122 fires in the territory burning more than 130’000 hectares of forest. Most of the fires are in the North and on the days we had northerly winds it got smoky. No fires around us, we are just fine. It has been a busy but very successful week!