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2013 — Week 27

It has been an amazing week with a total of 5 Lake Trout and 3 Pike Trophies being caught. The following fishermen all caught a Trophy Lake Trout: Jan j. Wanner (103 cm), Jan s. Wanner (107 cm), Don Pratt (104 cm), Hampi Keller (103 cm), Sepp Inderbitzin (106 cm). Besides the Lake Trout Jan j. Wanner caught two Trophy Pike (105 cm, 106 cm) and his father Jan s. Wanner a big Pike of 108 cm. Congratulations to all of you and welcome to the Trophy Club!

Jan with his Trophy Lake Trout of 107 cmOne of the first King Salmon of this season

Sepp with his Trophy Lake TroutLake Trout fishing was great everywhere we have fished and it was nice to see that quite a few were caught on flies.

We did the first trips to fish for King Salmon in our local rivers and our guests landed several nice ones. Not that many fish around yet as it is still early in the run. Difficult to say how this season’s numbers will be, we are hoping for a strong run. We also did a successful fly out trip to the coast of Alaska for Sockeye Salmon.

Pike fishing was excellent with many fish over 100 cm being caught.

The Rainbow Trout and Grayling were very active and many were caught on flies or small spinners.

It looks that we have fallen into the same weather pattern as last year. After the hot weather and calm conditions we experienced stronger winds from the south and much cooler temperatures during this week. Although it was mainly sunny without precipitation the wind was bothering us and made the fishing more challenging. But as you can see in the results we were still very successful. The cooler temperatures helped to reduce the danger of more forest fires but it is still very dry. So far there were 114 forest fires in the Yukon burning around 103’000 hectares of forest. 89 fires are still active but nothing close to us, so we are just fine here. All in all a very successful week with many happy faces.