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2013 — Week 26

What a fishing week with a total of 13 Trophies being caught! We have forecasted in our last report that we will soon see a Lake Trout Trophy, but 10 in one week have exceeded even our expectations.

Leon with his "monster Lake Trout"

Butch and one of his Trophy Lake TroutRick with his Trophy Trout of 108 cmOur good friends from the Gervin Group did very well as they caught 9 Trophies all together during their trip. We would like to welcome the following fishermen to our Lake Trout Trophy Club: Joe Miller (107 cm), Leon Gervin (111 cm), Rick Linquist (107 cm, 108 cm), Butch Balzer (103 cm, 107 cm), Bruno Walker (100 cm), Ferdinand Zwahlen (103 cm), Christian Rancourt (100 cm), Marco Racine (104 cm). Leon’s Lake Trout of 111 cm was probably the heaviest fish we have ever seen with an estimated weight of about 55 lbs. Very notable were the two Trophies Butch caught. He was unlucky all the previous years he has visited us and now it finally happened!

Our guests also experienced great Pike fishing and Joe Miller (107 cm), Leon Gervin (112 cm), Butch Balzer (108 cm) all caught a Trophy Pike. Congratulations to all of you and good job! 

Joe Miller was very close to become a member of the very exclusive Grand Slam Champion Club. That means to catch a Trophy of three species (Lake Trout, Pike and Grayling) during the stay. As mentioned above he caught a Pike and a Lake Trout Trophy but his big Grayling was 2 cm shy of the Trophy Mark.

Grayling fishing was fantastic as there were many hatches of flies. Very active fish and our fly fishermen did really well with many fish over 40 cm being landed.

The weather was as great as the fishing: Mainly sunny days and calm conditions. During two days we had a breeze from the south, but this didn’t bother us at all. Very warm temperatures too, which resulted in more forest fires throughout the Yukon. So far over 80 fires in the territory have burned more than 20’000 hectares of forest. No problems in the southern part of the Yukon, most of the fires are in central Yukon. So we are just fine here. Outstanding week with many happy fishermen!