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WEEK 12-14, 2023

The end of August was hot! Both weather and adventure wise!

Surprisingly the temperature sky rocketed again. All over the territory high record temperatures were broken. On one of the days, it was 29C in Whitehorse and almost as hot at the lodge. The previous record for that day was 26C.  This weather made for some amazing fishing trips. Warm calm day, big fish and perfect hiking conditions. Our guests once again landed some amazing Trophy fish. We would like to welcome the following guests to our Lake Trout Trophy Club:

Andrew 110, Derek 101, Russell 101, Sabastian 109, Panos 105, Jasmin 101, Jan 104, awesome fishing!

King Boletus mushrooms are at their best this time of the year. Our guests either dry them and take them back home or our chefs cooked them up in many different dishes, from mushroom toast to hunter sauce. These meaty mushrooms make for the perfect addition to many meals. One of our former chefs now smokes salmon and other delicious things locally in Haines Junction. He makes some amazing Cold Smoked Salmon that we both serve and sell here at the lodge.

At the end of the month the temperature dropped to a more normal setting. We had some cloudy days but nothing too extreme. The fishing was hot, hot, hot as usual. The water levels are still high but we expect them to start dropping as September comes around. All species have been very active and plentiful. We had many clients who fly fishing only and they had a spectacular time.

Its hard to believe that September is here and we only have weeks till then end of our season. Lots of our regulars are arriving in the next week. Friends who have been coming for many, many years. Fall is about to start showing its beautiful colors.

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team!