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Weeks 2-3, 2023

Time is flying by here at Dalton Trail Lodge. Temperatures warmed right up, fishing got hot, the flowers are blooming everywhere and guests are happy!

Water levels have risen and Lake Trout fishing has been great. Lots of big Lake Trout have been landed fly fishing as well as spin casting. We sent our first trips out to our outpost cabins and they have been huge successes. Some of our long-time guests and clients who have been coming every year for 15+ years came again this season and loved it as much as the first. When they were fishing our favorite river system Dave caught an amazing Rainbow Trout that measured 65cm! The biggest one we have ever landed in the river for quite some time.

While here they caught many beautiful fish, trophies included! Pike fishing was world class. Dave Cryer got 105cm and 106cm Pike Trophies. Tim Drasler caught a beautiful 105cm Pike Trophy. Friends John and Ted just missed the mark but came very close. They also went up to our ATV only accessible lake for an over night trip. At this trip guests can catch trophy Grayling and Northern Pike as well as some beautiful Lake Trout. Followed by staying in a gorgeous log cabin on the lake shore.

We have had a lot of guests come to the lodge to primarily enjoy the scenery and hiking. From our lodge there are dozens of amazing hiking trails that go right into Kluane National Park. We have one hiking destination that leads to a lake in the park where we are the only people who have a canoe. You can hike up there and have the entire lake to yourself!

Everything is going great and our season is well under way!