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Week 33, 2022

The first two weeks of August have been fantastic! Fishing was world class as usual. The weather was a mix, with a few nice hot days. Time is flying by and we are happy to say our clients are enjoying every minute of it!

This year we have had more large Lake Trout Trophies then ever before! In the past two weeks we have also landed three beautiful Trophy Grayling, as well as lots of Rainbow Trout and Pike. We had many avid fly fishermen this go and they had the pleasure of landing some pretty awesome fish on the fly. Fall is just around the corner; lake trout are starting to move into the shallower areas of the lakes and into the rivers and are getting more aggressive.

We would like to welcome the following clients into our Trophy clubs:

Brody (113cm LT), Diane (100cm LT), Martin Wyrch (106 and 109cm LT), Eliane Wyrch (103cm LT, 48.5cm G), Paul Serveau (108cm Pike, 49cm G), John Clement (103cm LT) and Sim (48.5 G). Some well earned and amazing Trophy Fish!

Mushroom season is on! With some long-awaited rain this past week the King Boletus have come out in force. Our guests have the opportunity to go out and pick these delicacies. They bring them back to the lodge and either have us cook them for appetizer or dry them to take home. There are a couple of good picking spots fairly close to the lodge.

We have been doing more and more hiking and eco adventures. Some of the destination we go to are Kings Throne, Auriol Trail, St. Elias Lake, Moraine Lake and many more. The majority of these excursions are in Kluane National Park. The lodge is situated right on the border of the park.

Soon the leaves will be changing and the temperature will start to fall. The nights are getting darker and the northern lights will light our skies! If you have not booked with us yet do so soon!

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team