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Week 31, 2022

The end of July came quick! Good times makes time fly. The Yukon provided world class fishing and hiking once again. The weather was mostly warm and beautiful with some rainy and windy days as well. The lodge was full house and everyone was happy.

Fishing was top notch once again. We did many trips to our out-post cabin where clients enjoyed amazing fishing as well as a gourmet meal cooked over the camp fire. Nothing beats the peace and quite of being the only souls for hundreds of kilometres. It’s a bit of a journey to get there but it is well worth it.

Once again, we landed some fantastic Trophy’s! We would like to welcome the following clients to our Trophy Club:

Michael Speer (104cm Lake Trout), John Stejkal (108 Lake Trout), Will West (107cm Lake Trout), Alain Baustert (111cm Pike), Tom Stejkal (113 Lake Trout), John Stejkal (100cm Lake Trout). Welcome to the Trophy Club!

On one of the days four of our clients took the E-bikes to St. Elias. A mountain lake located 6 km into Klaune National Park. We have 2 canoes stored at that lake, the only canoes in the area. Our clients did some fishing in the lake and enjoyed a shore lunch. Since we are only 15km from the trail head they left right from the lodge and easily made it there and back. They had a blast! A perfect way to mix eco tours and fishing.

With the beginning of August at our door step we are very much looking forward to more good times and adventures at Dalton Trail Lodge. The days are getting shorter and with that we are having more and more beautiful sunsets and rises. Coming up we have Northern Lights to look forward to! The night sky will dance with an amazing array of green, pink and purple.

The end of September is not far away and if you are looking for a once in a life time experience then check us out! The opportunities to take advantage of are endless and will forever stay with you. Hope to see you all soon!

Your Dalton Trail Team!