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Week 28, 2022

Over the past weeks we have seen all kinds of weather. At first it was very hot with temperatures hitting close to 30 C with no wind to speak off. Fishing was hot at all our destinations and conditions were perfect for hiking as well.  In the past few days things have begun to cool down again, with some days below 20.

All over the Yukon there were extremely high-water levels. Flooding occurred in the Southern areas. Luckily, we were not affected too badly by this. Over the past week water-levels high finally started to go down. Both River and Lake fishing have been out-standing! Our clients caught an amazing amount of Trophy Fish. We would like to congratulate the following people on their amazing catches:

Marco Bellesini (108 Lake Trout), Boberto Bellesini (105+101 Lake Trout), Raymond Remy (108 Lake Trout), Allain (102 Lake Trout), Roby Harr (101 Lake Trout), Michael Roth (110 Pike), Holger Zerban (104 Lake Trout), Marco B (102 Lake Trout), Marco M (103 Lake Trout), Armin Sch. (104 Lake Trout), Martin Roth (101 Lake Trout), Michael Roth (107 + 101Lake Trout), Holger Zerbhan (101 Lake Trout), Brick (103 Lake Trout), Bob S. (103 Lake Trout). What a fantastic year we are having!!

Another worry in The Yukon are forest fires. With all the hot weather the Yukon had over 250 fires burning at one time. Over 200,000 hectares have already burnt. Once again, we got lucky. Bordering Kluane National Park we are surrounded by potential fire risk. The lightning that caused all the other fires did not hit in our area and our skies stayed clear. With the resent rain the danger is over for now.

This Season we brought on an addition 3 guides, Matt, Jordan and Wayne. All have proved to be very competent and skilled. The entire crew, inside and outside of house are working as a great team! If you are looking for a Yukon adventure and you have not yet booked with us do so soon!

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team