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Week 25, 2022

We had a couple chilly weeks at the beginning of June. Rain and +15 but the fishing was awesome! This past week has been nice and sunny again! Temperatures are getting into the mid twenties. Spring is in full swing; all the wild flowers and bushes are thriving. The forecast is even warmer, low 30 for next week.

We have been very busy here at the lodge. Lots and big fish have been caught, clients left with a big smile. The new E-bikes got to go on their first journeys, the guests absolutely loved them. The wind was calm for the most part, we had many successful trips to our overnight destinations as well as on our home lake.

With the amount of snowfall we had this past winter, we have very high water levels all through the territory. Thanks to that we had some interesting rescue missions. Some river crossings were higher than they normally are. But everybody and all equipment made it home safe. We expect the water levels to start going down in the next few weeks.

We landed 7 beautiful Trophy fish during this time. Ruda caught a 107cm Pike, John a 105cm Trout, Tim a huge 114cm Pike, Dick got a 108cm Pike, Ole a 111cm Pike and Eric landed two 101cm Lake Trout! That was a lot of big fish with many caught close to the trophy mark.

The weather looks like it will keep staying warm and sunny for another week. This is perfect weather to explore the Yukon and Kluane National Park. If you have not booked with us yet then do so soon!


Dalton Trail Lodge Team