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Week 22, 2022

We are happy to say that our 2022 season is underway! We invested a lot into our infrastructure again this year. We bought a new 21-foot guiding boat and named it “BellaTrix”.  Also, a new truck, van, a couple of ATVs and a new utility trailer joined our fleet. On top of all that we got 5 brand new E-bikes; these bikes will allow us to access all sorts of places in an eco friendly way.

After a long cold Spring the sun popped out last week and the heat went up! The last of the ice is slowly melting and the fishing has begun. Glen Anderson landed the first Trophy of the year. A majestic Northern Pike that measured 107 cm.  Congratulation Glen and welcome to our Trophy club!

Layla, a family member, caught the first Artic Grayling on the long weekend. She did so from one of the two creeks that flow by either side of the lodge. Just a short walk away! When staying at the lodge there is easy access to both Grayling and Lake Trout fishing.

One of the rivers that we fish was a bit too low for the jet boat to safely transport guests up and down the river, so we stationed a boat down stream. Fishing in the lower part of that system was incredible. With the warmer weather we expect water levels to rise fast.

Hiking season is also under way! Some of our first guests had a hike of a lifetime where they watched the Doll Sheep grazing on the mountain side. There are many trails into Kluane National Park that are very close to our lodge.  The Park and St. Elias mountains are a must see!

We are getting closer and closer to Summer Solstice, here in the Yukon, that means almost 24 hours of daylight. After dinner guests are able to head back down to the lake for a stole or to cast a line.

We are all looking very much forward to having a normal season after two seasons where visiting the Yukon was very difficult. For a safe and sanitized stay, Dalton Trail Lodge is your place!

Your Dalton Trail Team!