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Week 26, 2021

The last two weeks we had mostly local business, with family reunions, anniversaries and birthday parties. Finally, we had some fishermen at the lodge again and what a week they had!

On their first trip Brenden Thomas caught a beautiful pike trophy of 106 cm. On their second trip Craig Thomas caught a monster lake trout of 102 cm. They caught many more big fish; it was absolutely amazing!

The weather was amazing as well. Temperatures in the mid 20s and very little wind. From all the snow that we had last winter the water levels are fairly high already. Forecast is for more sun and beautiful Yukon summer days!

We are using the not so busy times for upgrades and maintenance here at the lodge. Of course; we are also exploring new fishing grounds and new fishing techniques.

All is good up north, can’t wait to go to full capacity again! We’ll be back with a new report once our next guests left.

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team!