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Week 23, 2021

After a year of Covid hibernation we were so happy and excited to welcome back clients to the lodge. The government approved our self-isolation plan and we are now allowed to have Canadians (vaccinated and not-vaccinated) at the lodge.

A long and cold winter, with record snow fall was followed by a cool and wet spring. The ice went off Dezadeash Lake on May 21st.

On May 29th we picked up our first clients in more than 20 months in Whitehorse. The transfer from the airport to the lodge was spectacular. We saw lots of Elk, Moose, Black Bear and even a couple of Bison.

The boys from Toronto enjoyed some spectacular fishing. They caught so many fish, they were literally fished out after 5 days. We have the honor of welcoming two new members into our trophy clubs:

-Ilham Dada caught a beautiful lake trout of 104 cm

-Chris Goobie landed a pike of 107 cm

They had a chance for a couple more trophy lakers, but one of them broke the line right away, the other one we lost under the boat.

With the help of a musher and her dog team we brought a second canoe up to St. Elias lake earlier in the spring.

We all are waiting desperately for news about the Canadian border. Hopefully we’ll be able to welcoming international guests again soon.

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team