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2020 - Week 27

We are slowly starting to get things ready up here in the Yukon.

We only had 11 cases of Covid19, all of them recovered and no new cases in the past 6 weeks. Travel to the Territory is still not permitted without a 14-day quarantine. Starting July 1st, residents of BC only are allowed to visit the Yukon. The border to the US is still closed for non-essential travel.

 The lodge is still closed but ready to open up in a heartbeat. Our Covid19 operating plan has been approved by the government. We are planning on opening as soon as unrestricted travel within Canada becomes available.

Things are very quiet here at Dalton Trail Lodge.  While we wait to open, we are enjoying our territory ourselves, wishing we could share the phenomenal fishing and wildlife with our clients and friends from all over the world. We just spent 3 wonderful days in one of our outpost cabins, catching a lot of good-sized fish, close to trophy size.

The weather has been nice most of the time. We have had some nice hot weather. There has been quite a bit of wind but nothing bad enough that it would have affected our trips. The forests are very lush and vibrant from the precipitation we had this Spring.

Everybody stay safe and responsible so that we can resume with our adventures as soon as possible.

Your friends at Dalton Trail Lodge!