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2020 - Week 24

After a long, cold winter we enjoyed an early and warm spring.

The ice went off Dezadeash Lake mid of May, about one week earlier than the long-term average. Once it was allowed and things were safe, we had some family over for the long weekend (Victoria Day) and fished the lake the first time on May 16th. The lake was like a sheet of glass, we fished in T-shirts and we did really well, caught lots of lake trout up to about 16 lbs.

We had our first clients booked with arrival on May 29th. Sadly, they had to cancel because of the virus and the travel restrictions. In the meantime, all of June had to be cancelled too. This makes us all very sad; we are missing sharing our beautiful Territory with our friends from all over the world. Please be assured that when things change; we’ll be ready in a heart beat.

Almost everybody that had to cancel rebooked with us for the same time in 2021. It looks like next year will be very busy. If you are planning on seeing us next summer, please let us know as soon as possible.

We are adapting to the current situation and can assure you the highest standards will be met for your time with us. Please stay safe and healthy!

Your friends and family at Dalton Trail Lodge!