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2019 - Week 39

What a fantastic last week we had here at Dalton Trail Lodge!

The weather was amazing for the most part. On one of the mornings we had our first snow, it was not much and was gone before early afternoon. When it snows for the first few times in the fall the fish tend to go on a feeding frenzy as they continue preparing for the long winter and the ice that comes with it.

Normally this week is very busy here at the lodge. The fishing and sight seeing are world class this time of year. This year we only had one client for the last week, a very good long-time friend. While he was here, he was primarily fly fishing. He went on an overnight trip to our ou- post cabin and while fly casting he caught a massive Lake Trout that just missed the Trophy mark by 1 cm!

Fishing for Pike, Grayling and all of our other local species was fantastic this week. We did not get lucky and see any Northern Lights this week but they are always around this time of the year. The leaves are almost all on the ground and the end of the season is here. By this time next week Trix and Hardy will be on the way to Palm Springs!

Thank you to everyone who came and stayed with us this summer, old friends and new! We look forward to seeing those who can return again. Thank you to our wonderful staff, you make everything possible.

Here is to 2020!

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team!