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2019 - Week 38

Fall is rolling in here in the Yukon, the surrounding mountains and forests are showing signs of change, this is not stopping our clients from getting out and enjoying their time here.

The temperature dropped and we finally got some wind again. With the wind came a rainfall of leaves as they dropped from the tree. It is always amazing and beautiful watching them swirl and settle for winter. Our guests still enjoyed fishing and adventuring.

As always Grayling fishing was fantastic. The Lake Trout are up in the shallower waters and in the rivers. They have been active with both flies and lures. All the fish are getting more and more aggressive as fall and winter begin to move in.

The Pike fishing has been hot as well. We landed lots of monsters! I have the privilege of welcoming 2 new people to our Pike Trophy Club. Walter Liendl caught a beauty 107cm Trophy and Howie Steinberg landed a 105cm Trophy Pike, welcome to the trophy club!

We had many familiar faces and good friends around the lodge this and last week. At the end of the week, Otmar, a long-time client and friend, did a fish cook off for all guests. The awesome lunch was followed by an epic tennis tournament, competitors had to wear their fishing chest waders!

Next week we’ll be slowing down here, only a few guests left. Our last guest will be leaving on September 28th. Fishing should be still awesome; we’ll keep you posted.

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team!