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2019 - Week 34

The Yukon has again provided us with perfect fishing and adventuring conditions.

Fall is starting here at the lodge. The trees are slowly starting to change color and the fireweeds have went to seed. This normally happens when we experience the first frost. These cooler temperatures also make the fish extra active since they begin preparing for winter by adding on a few extra meals (pike, grayling, rainbow trout) or for spawning (lake trout, dolly varden, whitefish).  

The Lake Trout are starting to come up from the depths into shallower areas of the lakes or even into the rivers, in preparation for spawning. Soon we will be able to catch monster Trout in 5 – 10 feet of water, using flies or lures.  Grayling fishing has been awesome as usual. We landed many beautiful fish that just missed the Trophy mark.

While out at our outpost cabins, lots of our guests caught many big lake trout and pike. We would like to welcome Vladimir Minarovic into our pike trophy club, congratulations to your 109 cm giant!

Our guests went out mushroom picking again this week but were not as successful as the previous weeks. Hopefully will see another push so we can pick more and dry them for the winter. We also prepare them fresh as an additional appetizer when ever guests bring them home and would like to enjoy them for dinner.

August is flying by, you now what they say, time flies when you are having fun!

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team!

Water 9-13

Air -1-19