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2019 - Week 25

Busy week here at Dalton Trail Lodge with lots of good friends from California.

 The first part of the week was a little windy but we still managed to catch a lot of fish. The Drasler/Jennings-group went for 3 days to an outpost camp and caught more than 200 fish, including a 102 cm trophy Lake Trout, congratulations to John Jennings to that beautiful fish!

The next party that went to the same outpost caught a beautiful 107 cm Pike trophy, congratulations to Tom Stejskal. All other destinations were very productive too, awesome fishing everywhere.

We did another trip to our pike outpost and landed more than 50 pike per day, all big fish, just missing the trophy mark by a hair or two. Later in the week, when the wind died down, we had great pike action on surface lures and flies. Nick caught a beautiful 90 cm Lake Trout on a fly rod, what an exciting fight this was!!

 Fishing for Dolly Varden was very good too, lots of big fish between 18 and 20 inches. Young Jack West caught a beautiful Arctic Grayling of 46,5 cm in a mountain lake, missing the trophy mark just by a little more than 1 cm. Congratulations Jack, good to see that the next generation of “Wests” is following their dad/uncle’s footsteps.

All is good here at Dezadeash Lake and some beautiful summer weather is in the forecast.

 Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team!