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2019 - Week 22

We had a pretty average winter as far as temperature goes and not much snow again. Spring came early with unseasonable warm and dry weather. As a result, Dezadeash Lake was completely ice free on May 11th.

We enjoyed beautiful spring weather with temperatures up to 25 C and no rain for weeks. Our forests became bone dry and it was only a question of time before the first wildfires started. So far, we have been very lucky at the lodge, the closest fire was more than 50 km away, between Haines Junction and Kloo Lake, and moving away from us and pretty much under control by now.

We invested lots into our infrastructure again this year (new jet boat, 4-seater ATV, boat engines, new windows lodge). The new cabins finally made it all the way to Frederick Lake per helicopter. Unfortunately, some of the wood got damaged on the way up to the Yukon and we had only enough material to finish one of the two cabins. Replacement parts are on the way and we hope to finish the second cabin in the fall.

This week we had the RCMP in the lodge for a 4-day retreat. The first fishermen are coming in on Sunday. Everybody here at the lodge is super motivated and looking forward to an other successful season.

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team!