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2018 - Week 39

Wow – another beautiful week of Colorful Summer weather with no wind.

We had cold nights with northern lights dancing in the sky and pleasant days with lots of sunshine and awesome fall colors. Fly fishing has been exceptional for Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Rainbow Trout and White Fish. Good lake trout and Pike fishing in our bigger lakes, all easily accessible in shallow water.

We did not fly out any guests for Silver Salmon, because the weather has been too nice and the fish therefore are pretty spooky. But there is a low-pressure system with clouds and some rain moving in and we flew out the last group today.

Our guide reported that there are unusual big fish in the river and we are looking forward to the report from our clients when they’ll get back tomorrow. We are starting to wind down, only 13 fishermen this week and our big group from San Diego is leaving today.

All is good here in the Yukon; sadly, next week is already our last week of fishing for the season.

The Dalton Trail Team