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Week 38 2018

What a sensational late summer week again.

. For the past three weeks, we could fish our home lake every day. That is absolutely unheard of and we can not remember that this ever happened before in September.It is getting pretty cold at night (-5 Celsius) but warming up nicely during the day.

Fishing has been awesome too. Lots of fly fishermen this week, catching many and big Arctic Grayling, Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout and Pike. We did one fly out trip for Silver Salmon. There were a good number of fish in the river but they were – because of the beautiful weather and low water – not very active and the group only caught 9 salmon and lost a few more. Pike fishing was very good again this week, we caught lots and heavy fish.

We would like to welcome Romain Nettgen (106) and Carlo Zeimetz (108) into our Pike Trophy Club. Tim had a huge pike on in our mountain lake but – unfortunately – the pike broke the line and could not be landed.

The river still offers awesome fishing, lots of Whitefish and Lake Trout spawning, attracting big Grayling and Rainbow Trout. In some of our lakes the trout are already done with spawning and are now feeding heavily on whitefish and are very active. The weather forecast for next week shows more of the same, we expect to have another awesome week of Colours and calm summer days!

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team