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2018— Week 36

Fishing was amazing this week, we had non-stop action at many of our destinations. The weather was good as well with many sunny days and very little wind.


One day we had heavy rainfall that was badly needed, after a very dry summer and little snow last winter. The Lake Trout are moving into the rivers and fly fishing for them is world class.

We caught many huge Grayling that just missed the mark this week. These beautiful fish are all sorts of colors and they have stunning dorsal fins.

We landed many huge Pike this week and we have the pleasure of introducing two new members into our Trophy Club. A father and son went to our outpost cabin and caught some huge fish. Mojmir Senior caught three Trophy Pike that measured 105cm, 105cm and 106cm! His son Mojmir Junior caught a huge one that measured 107cm, welcome to the Trophy Club!

The temperatures are a bit lower in the mornings but this did not stop people from getting out onto the water early in the morning. The leaves continue to change color and the mountains are more and more beautiful every day. As the days grow shorter and we have more dark in the night our guests have had the chance to experience an amazing feature of the Yukon.

Northern Lights, also know as Aurora Borealis, have been lighting up our skies almost every night.  It is breath taking to watch all the beautiful colors dance across the sky. Things are great here in the beautiful Yukon and we are looking forward to an amazing Fall. 

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team

Images: Julius and his Trophy from week 35, A nicely coloured Lake Trout, Joerge and an Awesome Grayling.