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2018— Week 26

What an awesome week we had at the lodge. Great clients, lots of laughs and worldclass fishing! The first couple of days were still very windy but for the rest of the week we had fantastic conditions. 


Lots of Arctic Grayling in the rivers and the pike fishing is still very hot. Just ask Judy Burns, she caught a 111 cm monster pike! Congratulations and welcome to our trophy club!

There are more and more Rainbow trout in the river too and the first lakers start to show up in the river as well. In the later part of the week we did an overnight trip with the Dennis group and they caught no less than 6 trophies! Congratulations to Stewart Tymchuk who caught two beautiful Pike Trophies, one was 108 and the other 122cm, the biggest of the year. This same crew caught the first Lake Trout Trophies, Erik Lebar caught a 102cm Lake Trout and Charles Morris also caught a nice 102cm Trophy. Dennis Rogers got a 101cm Trophy Laker and his son Greg caught a 100cm.

We did a first trip to a smaller pike lake that we normally fish in the fall, and the result was very encouraging. Our home lake was excellent for pike and grayling fishing this week: Emil and Theo, long time clients and friends from Switzerland, caught many pike on the fly and with surface lures.

We explored a beautiful new river, with clear water and deep pools, teaming with big Arctic Grayling and medium size Lake Trout. The river is a long way from home but we left a boat there and it is available for our guests immediately.

We did a few ATV trips to a beautiful mountain lake, the fishing was incredible. Lots of Lake Trout, big Arctic Grayling and “close to trophy sized pike. Lots of smiles here at the lodge, it can't get much better...

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team

Images: Steward and his huge 122cm Trophy Pike, Dennis and Greg with an awesome Pike, Judy and her 111cm Trophy Pike.