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2018— Week 27

It was still pretty windy on our home lake this week but most of our other destinations had excellent conditions. Weather and temperatures were very enjoyable, only on the last day of the week we got some badly needed rain.


Lots of rainbows in the river now and more and more lake trout start to show up too. Our mountain lake was very productive, lots of trips with 50 or more fish.

We caught many Arctic Grayling between 45 and 47 cm, just short of the trophy mark.

One of our pike lakes is getting really hot too, we caught lots of big pike around the one meter mark and even a trophy of 107 cm, caught by Robin Lowman, welcome to the pike trophy club!

Trolling for big lake trout was very good too; Raymond Remy and Ken Breitbeil both caught a trophy measuring 101 cm. We also lost quite a few big fish, some of them very close to the boat (Alain and Theo). Our Dolly Varden Lake keeps on impressing us, the fish are almost two inches bigger than in the past.

All is good here at Dalton Trail Lodge, we are looking forward to another busy week.

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team

Images: A nice sized Lake Trout, Non-stop Pike action, Beautiful Laker on a Beautiful day.