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2016— Week 33

It was another great week here at the lodge. We had a mix of weather all week with some cloudy days and a few that were windy but none of it stopped our clients from going fishing.


We would like to welcome two new members to our Trophy Club. Congratulations to Bill Marshal for landing a 104cm Lake Trout. We had not caught a Pike Trophy in a few weeks but this week we caught an amazing fish. Congratulations to Dominique Bagur for catching an amazing 117cm Trophy Pike!

On many of our trips this week our guests caught a lot of large Grayling and Rainbow Trout. Due to the weather cooling down a bit we have seen a lot of action while Pike fishing. They tend to get more and more aggressive as fall moves in.

We did not do any Salmon fishing this week so there is nothing to report there.

Wildlife viewing has been awesome this week. Our guests got to see many different kinds of animals while out on their journeys, they saw a Lynx and a Bear, and some were lucky enough to see a mother Moose and her baby grazing by the side of the lake.

It is starting to get darker at night so this means that the odds of seeing the Northern Lights are going up. We have many guests who ask us to wake them up at any time in the night so that they can see this amazing light show for themselves. The forecast for next week is calm beautiful days and we are expecting awesome fishing.

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team

Images: A Beautiful Rainbow Trout, Osvaldo and his Trophy Lake Trout.