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2016— Week 32

This week at the lodge we had some amazing action. If we thought last week was our best week of Lake Trout monsters we were wrong. We landed some amazing fish again this week.


Congrats to Marco Bellesini for catching a 101 cm Lake Trout Trophy. Also, Osvaldo Noe got two Trophies, one measuring 108cm and the other 110cm. Martin Routher got a Lake Trout Trophy that was 105cm. Although we did not catch as many as last week we caught the seasons biggest so far, congratulations to Stanislav Chladek for getting a massive 111cm Trophy!

Grayling and Rainbow Trout fishing was also good this week with many fishing being caught that were close to the Trophy mark.

The Pike are active as usual and we have been pulling in many fish that were also close to Trophy size.

When it comes to our weather this week we had a mix of sun and cloud with quite a few wind calm days. It seems that this month has had a lot of these awesome days. Even with these warm days we had a few chilly nights and in the morning were rewarded with the first colorful fall leaves. Since they are already starting to change we should look forward to having a colorful and beautiful fall.

Some of our clients went out mushroom picking again. They brought home their bounty and either ate them for dinner or dried them for the journey home.

All in all, everything is great here at the lodge. August is well under way and we are looking forward for the weeks to come.

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team

Images: Stanislav and his Trophy Lake Trout, Alex and his Trophy Lake Trout, Osvaldo and his Trophy Lake Trout.