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2016— Week 29

This week we had amazingly nice weather. It was so calm and beautiful our clients were able to go out on the home lake every day. When we have these beautiful hot days sometimes they can come with a bit of thunder and rain. These short bursts of rain help keep the land moist and the waters high.


This week our clients caught no less than 5 Trophy fish. Congratulation to Michael Speer who was able to land a huge Pike that measured 112cm. Jean-Pierre Genie caught a Trophy Lake Trout that was 105cm. Andy Sabetta also caught a Trophy Lake Trout that was an amazing 110cm.

Our guests caught our first Grayling Trophies of the year this week. Congratulations to Guss Grianias on his 48.5cm Grayling. Pierre Turgeon caught a beautiful Grayling of 49.5cm. Unfortunately we were unable to get pictures of these amazing fish. The guide choose to keep the fish out of the water long enough to get the measurement and then he set the fish free again to ensure their survival.

Burkard and Michael went out on a trip and caught over 30 Lake Trout that measured up to 90cm!

This week we had a bird watching enthusiast. He counted over 20 different species on the first day on our property alone. One of our guides went out and his client was able to land a 53 cm Rainbow Trout. On the same day he was able to bring in 18 kokanee Salmon as well.

We went out Salmon fishing again and landed a few Sockeye as well as a couple King Salmon. We are still expecting the numbers to go up for these amazing fish.

All is good and we are looking forward to the weeks to come.

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team

Images: Michael and his Trophy Pike, A beautiful Rainbow Trout, Jean-Pierre and his huge Lake Trout.