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2016— Week 30

Fishing this week has been outstanding. We did get some wind and rain but that did not stop our clients from fishing and the fish from biting.


The Pike action was so good that Emil and Nadine caught the same Pike on both of their lures! This week we landed 3 Lake Trout Trophies.

We would like to congratulate Mike Riley for catching a 101cm Lake Trout. Loren Silver pulled in a huge Lake Trout that measured 109cm and Maoz Sharabi got a Trophy Lake Trout of 103cm.

The Grayling have been very active on both dry flies and lures.

We did not spend as much time around the areas that contain Kokanee salmon so we only got a few of those this week. The Salmon count has picked up and they are now visible all through the rivers. You can see them pooling together and making the water swell in areas that the congregate. Although the numbers are up there are times when they are not biting and on some days we were only able to land a few King Salmon and Sockeye Salmon as well. One of our clients almost landed a King that would have been a trophy for sure but the fish spit the hook out in the last second.

On one of our trips the guests saw a group of 5 loons, a beautiful bird found in the Yukon. These birds were working together and herding the fish into a corner so they could feed on them better. It was an amazing display of nature.

So all in all it has been a very successful fishing week with fair weather as well.

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team

Images: Maoz and his Trophy Lake Trout, A nice and healthy Kokanee Salmon, Loren and his Trophy Lake Trout.