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2015— Week 29

Our guests experienced another great fishing week. The weather was good for the most part; we had a bit of wind and a bit of rain but that did not stop the fish from biting. We had quite a few successful trips to our outpost cabin in search for Trophies. We would like to welcome the following people to our Trophy Club; Beat Studer with his Lake Trout of 101cm, Thomas Geschwind caught both a Lake Trout of 107cm and a Pike of 115. His father, Hans-Jurgen got a Lake Trout that was 103cm. Also Martin Althaus caught a beautiful Lake Trout that was 102cm.

Thomas with his amazing 115cm PikeUdo and one of our first King Salmon20152903

We have experienced excellent fishing at one of the lakes that we fish in Kluanee National Park. There is an amazing array of species that clients can fish while experiencing the wonders of such a pristine park.Wild life viewing is exceptionally good there as well.

The Salmon have arrived in our local fishing holes and our guests were able to enjoy some Yukon Salmon fishing. We sent quite a few successful trips out for Salmon this week, the run is just starting and we expect even more to be here soon. Our clients were able to land both King Salmon and Sockeye, as well as some Rainbow Trout while there.

Pike fishing has been good as usual and our world class

Grayling fishing is keeping up with its name.

All in all things are great at Dalton Trail Lodge and we are looking forward to more great weeks to come!

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team