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2015— Week 24

Another week has gone by here at Dalton Trail Lodge. The wind calmed down and the temperature came up. The fishing has been awesome. We would like to welcome Martin Haefeli to our Pike trophy club. He caught two trophy pike during his stay, one 113 cm and one107 cm. Chris Peterson caught a trophy pike of 108 cm and Ryan Strub caught two trophy pike, one 106cm and one 107cm. We also have our first Grayling trophy of the year. Congratulations to Kenneth Rosenow for catching a 48 cm grayling!

A beautiful Trophy GraylingOur two Hewes crafts ready to goJohn with his awesome Trout

With the wind calming down it is making it possible for clients to go out on our home lake and enjoy some fishing on their own. We have a lot of clients heading into the bush to our out posts cabins and they are having super successful fishing days. We have even sent a couple big groups up there with our two Hewes craft boats. One of our favorite ATV trips to a hidden lake has been very productive. Clients have been enjoying the ride and the catch while up there.

The water levels have come up so our jet boating trip for Grayling and Lake Trout has become easier to navigate.

The trout fishing in the big lakes has picked up tremendously from last week. They have become very active and are taking the bite big time!

All in all, the lodge is busy, the season is under way and our clients are super happy.

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team