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2014— Week 36

Fishing continued to be excellent and we are very pleased to welcome no less than four new members to our Trophy Club. Peter caught a huge Pike of 117 cm and Bruno a very large one of 111 cm as well. The following successful fishermen both caught a Lake Trout Trophy: Erich (112 cm) and Simon (103 cm). Congratulations to all of you and good job!

Peter with his huge PikeSimon and his Trophy Lake TroutBruno and his Trophy Pike

Pike fishing was pretty spotty, we had that day when the big fish were active and when the two Trophies were caught and on other days they were just looking at your lure and not taking it.

It was pretty much the same fishing for big Lake Trout, they were rarely in a good mood and active. You just had to be lucky to be at the right place and at the right moment. This wasn’t the case for the river fishing. More Lake Trout have entered our rivers and the fishing has been great. The fish are not huge but on lighter tackle a blast to catch.

There are also more and more Whitefish in the river systems and these fish are a lot harder to catch. You have to use the right flies and present them perfectly. By the way, they are also very good eating!

Grayling fishing continued to be world class and many nice fish up to 47 cm were caught. No Trophies this week but a few fish were very close to the Trophy mark. Fishing was fantastic everywhere we went and all the rivers are in prime shape.

We had a short window weather wise to do two fly out trips to the coast of Alaska for Salmon fishing. Both trips were a big success and everybody limited out without a problem. So the run is definitely on and there were many fish in the rivers. We have more trips lined up and we are just waiting for the next weather opportunity.

Overall the weather here was quite good, we had not much wind which helped a lot. Only on the two last two days of the week we experienced plenty of rain and colder temperatures. So all in all a wonderful fishing week with many happy faces!