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2014— Week 32

It has been an amazing week, especially the fishing for Lake Trout was out of this world. With a total of 9 Trophies being caught it doesn’t get much better than this! We are pleased to welcome the following anglers to our Lake Trout Trophy Club: Joerg Jager (101 cm), Andrea Jager (102 cm), Carina Jager (101 cm), Lars Jager (105 cm), Diane Thomas (101 cm), Bradley Thomas (106 cm), Dave Weatherseed (106 cm), Susan Weatherseed (105 cm), Andrew Weatherseed (101 cm). Congratulations to everybody and well done!

Joerg with his Trophy LakerBradley and his Lake Trout of 106 cmAndrea with her Lake Trout Trophy

For some reason the big fish became incredibly active and besides the Trophies many more big fish close to 100 cm were caught.

We did one fly out trip fishing for Salmon at the coast of Alaska and the Jager Family caught all species of Salmon except Silvers.

Since the fishing for Lake Trout was exceptionally good we did not do a lot of fishing for Pike. So there is not much to report about this species.

Fishing for Grayling was outstanding and our guides had sore hands from releasing all the fish. Dry fly fishing was by far the best as there were great hatches of flies. It is so much fun to see the Grayling jumping out of the water to grab the fly on the surface.

The Rainbow trout were not as active as the last weeks but we still did very well. Our guests landed many nice fish around 40 cm either on flies or small spinners.

The King Salmon run is pretty much over and so far 783 Kings have gone through the weir. This is below average but wasn’t reflected in our catches.

Although the weather was mainly sunny the wind was getting us a hard time. It wasn’t bad at the beginning but it got worse towards the end of the week. Well, not much we could do about it, except going out fishing and catching a lot of nice fish. All in all a great week with many happy faces!