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2014— Week 29

It has been a great fishing week and the weather was cooperating as well. We “only” got one Lake Trout Trophy and the lucky fisherman was Giulio Garbellini who caught a beautiful Namaycush of 105 cm. Mike Riley was the most successful angler fishing for Pike as he caught no less than 2 huge Trophies of 112 cm and 119 cm. Congratulations to both of you and welcome to the Trophy Club!

Giulio with his Lake Trout TrophyMike with one of his Pike TrophiesA big Lake Trout of 95 cm

Lake Trout fishing was spotty, we had days when the big fish were active and then very slow days as well. We don’t know if the nice weather has turned them off or if there was another cause. Well, that’s probably why it’s called fishing and not catching. Our guests still caught some really nice fish in the 90 cm to 95 cm range, so we did more than fine.

Pike fishing was pretty much the same pattern as fishing for Lake Trout. Besides the two Trophies our guests caught many nice fish in the 90 cm range. We had days when we had great action with surface lures. What a thrill when an aggressive Pike hits the surface!

Salmon fishing was excellent and our guests landed many Kings. We still didn’t get any huge fish yet, most of the fish were below average size. River fishing has been great everywhere we went.

Our guests enjoyed catching many nice Grayling and Rainbow Trout. Two fishermen managed to catch four different species of fish in the same day. We call this the “Grand Slam” and it is quite an achievement.

We finally got summer here and we enjoyed warmer temperatures and most important calm days. It was a big treat to fish on calm waters as the last weeks were windy. But maybe the nicer weather was more for the enjoyment of the fishermen than for the fishing. Anyway, all together a great week with many happy faces!