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2014— Week 27

With a total of 8 Trophies being caught it has been a very successful fishing week. The following anglers all caught Pike Trophies: Heinz Nuhr (123 cm), Martin Nuhr (105 cm), Michael Wendt (106 cm) and Christiane Wendt (107 cm). The huge Pike Heinz caught is the biggest Pike of the season so far – what an impressive fish! We are also pleased to welcome the same guests to our Lake Trout Trophy Club: Heinz Nuhr (102 cm), Martin Nuhr (100 cm), Michael Wendt (102 cm) and Christiane Wendt (103 cm). Congratulations to all of you and well done!This is pretty good fishing when you catch a Trophy of two different species in the same week – it can’t get much better than this.

Martin with his Lake Trout TrophyHeinz with his huge Pike of 123 cmMichael with his Trophy Lake Trout

Lake Trout fishing was great everywhere we went and our guests caught besides the Trophies many more nice fish up to 90 cm.

Pike fishing was great at the beginning of the week and then slowed down a bit. It seems like they didn’t like the weather change towards the end of the week.

Grayling fishing was as good as the previous weeks and our guests enjoyed great action.

The Rainbow Trout were not as active as before. The reason is that we had a lot of rain which caused higher water levels and with the water still being very cold the fish have moved to different spots and were harder to find.

We have done our first trips fishing for King Salmon with success. There are not that many fish in the rivers yet as it is still early in the season. But we had days with 9 hook-ups so it is looking very promising.

The week begun with hardly any wind but that changed around mid-week when we had a stronger wind from the North. This North wind brought us a lot of rain and as mentioned above all the rivers rose. Although the rivers are high they are still running clear so we can still fish all the waters we want. All in all a wonderful fishing week with many happy guests!