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2013 — Week 22

Another winter is gone and we are very pleased to be back with the first news report of the 2013 season. We had a very cold winter which started already in November with temperatures as low as -30° Celsius. For longer periods it was colder than -40° Celsius but with snow amounts below average. Spring was very cold too, we had a new record low of almost -20° Celsius at the end of April! The last 10 days of May summer has arrived and we experienced the most beautiful weather with basically no winds and temperatures above 20° Celsius. The cold winter and spring caused a late ice-out on our Lakes.


The last ice on our Lake.Winching logs for the bridgeThe bridge is finished!Our Lake opened up just at the end of May which is very late compared to other seasons. We didn’t have time to go out fishing as we had to do a lot of other things like putting the boats in the water, take them on a test spin and so on. The first clients will arrive at the end of the week and we are looking so forward to take them out. Fishing will be world class as always shortly after the ice is gone.

More about the fishing will follow on the next report. We invested quite some time to build a bridge over a nasty swamp for an ATV-trail we use. It was worth it, now you can drive safely over it and will save us a lot of time. Besides this project we had a lot of maintenance, painting, servicing, cleaning etc. to do. But we are perfectly ready for another great season at Dalton Trail Lodge. Bookings are looking pretty good and we have just some limited availabilities. If you haven’t booked a fishing trip of a lifetime for this summer you should get in touch with us soon.