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Week 16-18

Our season is at an end! We had very good fishing and weather the last two weeks in September.

Clients fished the nearby River by themselves or with guide and jetboat. It seems that some of the best fishing in the River, as well as in many other places, happens to be later and later in September. Next year we plan to stay open another week, right to the end of September to take advantage of the hot action.

Pike fishing was outstanding in most of our lakes, we were able to catch quite a few trophies. The pike are very fat and heavy in late September. Maybe not as aggressive like in spring but once you get them on you’re in for a big fight. Lake trout are back in the shallow waters of the lakes, very hungry after spawning and feeding on whitefish. Great fly fishing in the river systems for Arctic Grayling, some of them over 48 cm. Mush Lake offered great fishing too, you can wade the river now because a beaver dam downstream broke and the water level dropped considerably. Great fly fishing there for Arctic Grayling and we also caught some Lake Trout (up to about 15 lbs) in the pool that are feeding on the Grayling.

We also landed a lot of Rainbow Trout in river system. The biggest one measured 67cm. We caught lots and lots of late lake trout. We got a few trophy fish: Thomas landed a Grayling Trophy that measured 48.5cm, Bruce a Pike trophy that measured 117cm, Tadjeski a Lake Trout that measured 105 cm. Well done gentlemen!

The leaves change to orange, red and yellow. The mountains become a beautiful array of fall colours. We had some amazing Northern Lights also known as Aurora Borealis. Next year is looking to be a busy one, if you haven’t book with us yet do so soon to make sure we can fit you in! Remember that the first and last week of the season are always super, super hot fishing.

We want to thank our entire team for all their hard work and great memories. We look forward to having you all back in the 2024 year!

Your Dalton Trail Friends!