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Week 7-9, 2023

The end of July was amazing, both the weather and the adventures!

Endless sun and calm days made the perfect atmosphere for Yukon Adventures. Fishing, hiking and sight seeing were all at their best. We got the first King Boletos of the year. We either cook them up for an appetizer, add the to our meals or dry them for future use. They are delicious!

Fishing was world class as usual. We landed a ton for trophy fish and many that came close. Here are the trophy masters for the end of July:

Lake Trout: Patrik Spear (105+104), Jimmy (100), Miriam (110), Josef (105), Joerg (105), Nathan (110), Tom (108), Ian (106). Pike: Jimy (107), Marla Riley (107). Awesome work and welcome to the Trophy Club!

What an amazing amount of Trophies, because we treat the fish very kindly and respectfully, keep them out of the water as short as possible, all of these fish go back unharmed and live to fight another day! Grayling, Rainbow Trout and all our other species were active as well.

Things are running smoothly at the Lodge and we are all excited for the weeks to come!

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team!