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2019 - Week 36

Fall has settled over the Yukon and nature is looking more and more beautiful as the days go by.

The leaves are changing, with the lack of wind they are staying in the trees and becoming an amazing array of colors that goes from bright yellow to dark red. The weather was outstanding again this week with virtually no wind to speak of.

Fly fishing was world class in this weather. The waters have cooled down so the Lake Trout are out of the deep and very active. Some are still in the deeper waters but we expect them to also be coming up for spawning very soon.

Pike fishing was very productive as well with many fish landed that just missed the Trophy mark. Our guest enjoyed non stop action on almost all of our waters.

We sent a group to a small, hidden lake with a healthy Dolly Varden population. They were very successful and caught lots of beautiful fish up to 50 cm in their spawning colors. This is a big relief for us. The last few groups did not catch anything and we started to get worried that maybe something happened to the population. Turned out they were only very deep so escape the warm water and are now back in full strength.

This week we had a photography group here lead by Greg Johnson from the Tornado Hunters. While they were here, they were able to capture many of the Yukon’s staple photography attractions. Everything from the awesome fall colors to wildlife. On their first evening at the lodge the Northern Lights came out in force and they were able to take a bunch of awesome slow frame pictures of them.

 Our guests enjoyed many relaxing shore lunch days this week as well. They spent the morning fishing and the afternoon relaxing by the fire and sharing fish stories. Time is flying by too fast, only a couple more weeks and the bulk of our clients will be heading home.

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team!

Air Temperature -3 - +20

Water Temperature   6 - 12