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2019 - Week 30

What a fantastic week we had here at Dalton Trail Lodge!

Fishing was outstanding, the trout around the creak heads were biting like crazy. We had a lot of fly fishers here this week and they had lots of action. The monster trout that are currently in deeper waters were also very active. Pike fishing was great as well with many huge fish caught.

We have the privilege of welcoming 2 new members to our Trophy club this week.  Uwe Keise caught a 103cm Trophy Lake Trout and Sebastian Jaxx also caught a 103cm Trout Trophy, nicely done! Sebastian also caught so far the biggest Pike Trophy of the year, it measured 116cm. Awesome catch!

One of the cabins at Frederik Lake is finished and in business. We had the first guests stay there this week. They had an awesome time ATVing to this outpost destination. This is a 3-4-hour long trip, following an old trap line, starting at the end of Dezadeash Lake. While there, they did some site seeing and caught a lot of big Grayling in Kluhini River and some big pike in Frederik Lake.

The weather was nice all week; not too hot and not much wind. At the beginning of the week we had some rain but towards the end it was clear days! It was perfect hiking conditions and also wildlife viewing since the animals are out and about when it is not too hot.

The forecast for fishing and weather is looking good, time is flying and August is just around the corner.

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team