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2018— Week 31

The beautiful and warm weather continued in the Yukon, all week long we enjoyed blue skies and temperatures around 25 Celsius. Later in the week it became a little windy but nothing too serious.


Our guests enjoyed awesome fly fishing for big Lake Trout in our home lake. We did not catch any trophy fish this week but several clients missed the trophy mark only be a few centimeters. Lots of fish in the big lake, we found a couple of new spots that were very productive, 36 fish in one day!!

Grayling and Rainbow trout fishing was very good again this week. We caught some nice pike as well, just short of 40 inches.

One of our clients crashed with an ATV on the way to a mountain lake. He cracked a few ribs and was in pain all week but continued having fun and fishing hard, that’s the spirit! Hope you feel better soon, Len!

Friday afternoon Jamie spotted a young grizzly, sitting in one of our guide boats, parked in the yard. Mike chased it off by smashing some pots and pans together. The conservation officer then put a bear trap beside our yard. Next morning we heard some loud noise coming from that trap. We caught a bear but – unfortunately – it was the wrong bear. The grizzly bear probably moved on and the other bear has been released into the wild again. We share the territory with many bears but they are very shy and run away as soon as they see people.

All is good at the lodge and we are looking forward to the weeks to come!

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team

Images: Beauty Lake Trout on a Beautiful Day, Doc Nick and an Awesome Lake Trout, Ben and his Lake Trout caught on the Home Lake.