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2017— Week 38

We had another busy week at the lodge. The weather and fishing were amazing! We had another week with many sunny, warm and wind calm days. It was actually almost too nice and everything in nature seems to happen a little later this year.


This week we got 2 Trophy Grayling caught by the same client. Martin Wyrsch caught a 48.7 and a 49cm Trophy Grayling, congratulations and welcome to the club!

A group of six fishermen flew out to our salmon river near the coast and they had a huge success; they landed over 160 fish in two days. Many of these Salmon were very large in size and caught on flies as well as spinning gear. Our guests brought home some of their catch to take home with them.

Pike fishing was awesome once again this week. At this time of the year they get very fat and as soon as the water temperatures drops very aggressive. Our guests landed a lot of large sized fish, many of them on the fly.

More and more Lake Trout are moving into the river systems.

Grayling and Rainbow Trout fishing in the rivers were also outstanding this week. Besides the two trophies our guests caught a lot of huge fish that just missed the mark.

With all of the warm weather this week it seems that it will be a late fall. The leaves have almost all changed to a wonderful array of yellow, orange and red. With the wind calm days we will be enjoying these lovely colours till the end of the season. Next week is our last week of fishing and then we start to shut things down for the winter.

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team

Images: Martin and a nice sized Lake Trout, Bruno and his Salmon, A beautifully coloured Lake Trout.