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2017— Week 37

This week at the lodge we were super busy and fishing at all of our destinations was awesome!


Although we did not get many trophies this week there were many fish caught that just missed the mark. We do have the pleasure of welcoming one client into our Trophy Club, Julius Pruger caught a huge Trophy Pike that measured 108cm, congratulations and welcome to the Club! Last week Julius caught a Trophy Grayling, if he would have caught a Trophy Lake Trout as well he would have gotten a Grand Slam Trophy. He tried and caught many Trout but they just missed Trophy size.

The weather was better this week with some calm and sunny days but still a few windy ones. We also had the first frost of the season but that’s normal this time of the year.

Lake Trout fishing was excellent, there are more and more fish in the rivers and our guests had steady action catching them.

We sent the first group out to our fishing destination on the coast, they caught a few Cohos but not a ton. They had planned to stay for two nights but due to the weather they had to come home early.

Grayling fishing was super active again this week. In one of our lakes they seem to be very big this year, our guest are catching fish that average 44cm and the Trophy size is 48 cm!

Mushroom picking for Boletus seems to have ended, it was a good season for picking, with the cooler nights they have stopped coming up.

It was a great week with many happy fishermen!

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team

Images: Julius and his Trophy Pike, Martin with a beautiful Grayling, A nice sized Lake Trout caught with a Fly.