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2017— Week 34

This week was awesome as usual, the weather was not as hot as previous weeks but it was still fairly warm and nice with a few much needed rainy days.


Fishing was top notch as well with many big fish being caught that we close to the Trophy mark. It was a bit busier this week so we did more trips out to our outpost cabins.

We have the pleasure of welcoming a very good friend and client of ours to the Grayling Trophy Club, Josef Bollag caught not one but two Trophy Grayling that measured 48cm. These beautiful fish were super healthy and they also caught many more that came close to the mark. Welcome to the Trophy Club Josef! We would also like to welcome Fliegen-Hans Hammers to the Lake Trout Trophy club, he landed a 104cm fish. Lothar Gerigk also caught a Trophy Lake Trout that measured 105cm. Good job guys!

Lake Trout fishing has been great; they are starting to move into the river systems again to spawn. The water levels have been dropping due to the cooler temperatures keeping the glaciers and remaining snow from melting.

We have news from Alaska that the first Silver Salmon are starting to show up. We did not send anyone there this week but plan to do so soon. We did go fishing for Salmon locally and the trips were a success, they did not catch a lot but the first Sockeye of the late run were landed.

All in all another great week and we are expecting more great fishing to come!

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team

Images: Trophy Grayling caught by Josef, Lothar and his awesome Lake Trout, A Mother Grizzly and her Cubs.