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2017— Week 27

What an amazing week we had! The fishing was truly outstanding. We caught a whole slew of Trophies with many new members to the clubs.


We would like to welcome Carol Krieger who caught a beautiful Lake Trout that measured 113cm. Petr Dorda caught a nice sized Lake Trout Trophy that measured 102cm, his wife Marcela just missed the spot but caught an amazing fish that was one centimeter shy of the Trophy mark at 99cm. Donna Garvey caught the first Grayling Trophy of the year, it was a massive and beautiful fish that measured 50cm. Curt Kohlberg caught a 106 Lake Trout Trophy. Bob Brownstein caught a 103cm Trophy Lake Trout and Frank Folino caught a Lake Trout Trophy that was 101cm. Welcome to the Trophy Club everyone!

The fish in most of our lakes were super active this week, on one lake they caught over 54 nice sized Lake Trout in one day.

River fishing has been great as well. We had many wind calm days where our guests enjoyed some super active fly fishing. They caught Graying, Rainbow Trout, Pike and Lake Trout while doing so.

On an overnight trip with Harold and Carol they had something amazing happen, while pulling in a nice sized Pike a similar sized one followed it in, once at that boat they managed to net both fish! This is a special kind of double header that very rarely happens.

Besides the great fishing the weather was good too. We had a couple days of heavy rain; this is actually good, because the Yukon can be a very dry place and a bit of rain keeps the lodge safer from Bush fires that can happen during very dry seasons.

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team

Images: Petr and his 102cm Trophy Lake Trout, Marcela and her 99cm Lake Trout, Curt and his Trophy Lake Trout.